Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ways To Donate

Thank you for your interest in helping Addiction Overcome, Inc. meet its goals. We have many ways you help.

Become a Monthly Supporter

Our mission is ongoing, and so are the needs of the families we help. When you sign up as a monthly supporter, you may designate any dollar amount of your choosing to automatically go to Addiction Overcome, Inc. As an ongoing supporter you may also elect to receive our email updates, including our monthly newsletter.

One-Time Donor

We are thankful for any financial assistance we receive. One-time donors who give at certain levels are eligible to receive a free gift depending on their level of donation. Gifts may include things like t-shirts, tote bags, and even an autographed copy of Judith Ann Hillard’s book The Other Woman at the Well.

Gift Certificates

Since we provide practical assistance to families who are touched by addiction, we welcome your contributions in the form of gift certificates to restaurants, grocery stores or similar establishments.

Become an Affiliate

If you are a business owner and would like to become one of our affiliates, please contact us. In exchange for promoting your business on our site, you would donate a portion of any resulting sales to Addiction Overcome, Inc. Another option is to host a fundraiser at your establishment during which you agree to donate a portion of the sales to Addiction Overcome, Inc.

Shop Our Merchant Affiliates

Did you know you can donate to Addiction Overcome, Inc. without spending any extra money? When you shop with our Affiliates by clicking on the links provided on our site, we earn a small commission on the purchases you make. The next time you find yourself wanting to purchase new tunes for your iPod, come to us first and click on our iTunes affiliate link. Thinking of buying your husband some new tools for Father’s Day? Shop at Interstate Batteries via the link on our page and receive a discount. Time for new pet food or cat litter? Do your shopping at PetSmart, but do it through us. You’re not only getting the things you need, but you’re helping a good cause.

Non-financial Donations

We are always in need of donated items such as clothing, office supplies, non-perishable food, and toys to meet our outreach goals. During the holiday season in particular, we select families in need to be the recipients of gifts and meals that they would not have otherwise.

Need more information?

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about how to donate. We love to get feedback from our supporters and are appreciative of their efforts. Without you Addiction Overcome, Inc. could not carry out its day to day operations.


Anonymous said...

In case no one has noticed, one of the google ads on this page is linked to OXYCODONE JUST $39.00, where you purchase drugs.

It doesnt seem like and appropriate advertisement for 'addiction overcome'.

Have a blessed day. I hope to be back later with more input on the subject.


Judith said...

I wish we were able to control the advertisers Google selects for related topics. It is more evidence that Addiction Overcome is needed to raise awareness about addiction and the easy availability there is to obtain it even on a clean website.