Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Places Not to Keep Your Prescription Medications

Teen drug abuse in affluent families is on the rise; prescription drug abuse in particular is reaching epidemic proportions. Where are these teens getting such strong medications? The answer: from parents who have legal prescriptions for them.

Even if you trust your teen, it's a good idea to keep strong narcotics and pain medications in a safe place. Most people keep their medications in 1 of 3 places:

1. In the medicine cabinet

2. In the kitchen cupboards

3. In the nightstand or bedside table

These three locations are NOT SAFE places to keep drugs. They are the first place teens will go if they want to steal your meds. Keep prescriptions, especially those with sedative effects like Vicodin, Codeine, Valium, Ambien, etc. in a locked drawer or cabinet if possible.

As a person who has struggled to overcome addiction, I encourage you to take whatever steps you can to make your prescription medications inaccessible to your kids. Also, remind them in one of those parent-child conversations about drugs, that being in possession of a medication for which they do not have a prescription is a FELONY.

Too many homes are being destroyed by the drug epidemic. I hope that yours is not one of them.

Be Safe,


Anonymous said...

As I read this list, I immediately thought about moving prescription drugs out of the bathroom and into the kitchen when THAT appeared next on the list. I think we need to all hide our old prescriptions under the dirty laundry! No one will want to rifle through that; not even we ourselves. What an eye-opener about keeping our visitors safe and not being the cause of an accidental or intentional overdose.

mediainc said...

I agree! as much as possible make a medicine cabinet that has a lock, so that they can't access it without you're consent.

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