Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Addiction Overcome, Inc. is a non-profit [501 (c) (3)] organization that relies on your generous gifts and contributions to fund our operations. Our needs are widespread and range from things as simple as putting gas in the car we use to transport children to and from family visit days at in-patient rehabilitation centers, to paying for Bibles and other outreach materials for addicts. Other ways your donations are used include:

-paying for in-home drug testing kits
-providing meals for children whose parents cannot afford groceries
-transportation costs
-printing and distributing outreach materials about drug abuse

The list goes on...

You can read more about us our Christmas outreach program and how we we were able to help several families over the holidays. Without you, we cannot continue in our life-changing work. Little is much when it comes to giving hope to families who are touched by addiction. You can be confident that your donations are being used in the most effective and appropriate manner, and will not be wasted on someone who isn't willing to make an effort toward breaking free from addiction.

As part of our fund raising efforts, we are proud to announce our partnership with several reputable merchants. Whenever you purchase anything from them by following the links we provide, a portion of the sale generated will result in a small commission for Addiction Overcome, Inc. This is an excellent way for you to do your online shopping while making a positive difference in the lives of the individuals and families that Addiction Overcome, Inc. helps. You can feel good about shopping with them, knowing that you are contributing to a greater good. Below is a list of the merchants we are partnered with. There's something for everyone! And remember, your purchases help Addiction Overcome, Inc. Just view our links on the right of the page.


William Moyers said...

I like you web page and believe the information featured on it should be distributed far and wide so that others like us can find inspiration and hope to survive the illness that wants us dead.
Bless you,
William Moyers

firstmt_003 said...

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firstmt_003 said...

i like this site... your work is a humanitarian which is very appraising...
keep it up you guys... theres a lot of them who really needs your help..

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prince said...

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shan said...

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shan warne

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shawn121 said...

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Deepak said...

i was addicted of alcohol for 14 years and my lives had became unmanageable and now after 14 years i am soberfg

james83 said...

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David said...

God bless you and your work here.
Merry Christmas to you

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Andrea Desouja said...

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