Thursday, December 20, 2007

Church? Me? No Way!

Church is the last place I belong. Everyone there will judge me.

Perhaps you felt as though church was full of people who believed they were better than you. You may have even attended a church in the past but no longer go on a regular basis. Maybe you’ve even considered going to church at some point, but not until you’ve gotten your life back in order.

Before you totally convince yourself that church isn’t something you need or even want, let me share something with you.

Churches are full of imperfect people, most of whom want to improve their lives in some way. They believe that the best way to do this is to be around other people who share in some of their own struggles. By spending time together learning from their mistakes and triumphs, they grow stronger. Ultimately they are able to discover the type of life that God had in mind for them all along. They find a sense of purpose and belonging when they are part of something that is bigger than themselves.

But no one has the same problems I do. I’m a mess!

You may feel like you’re a mess, but you’re not. Chances are that someone else has been through something similar enough to be able to relate to your situation and offer hope. When the pieces of your life are scattered all over and you feel yourself collapsing in an exhausted heap, you can turn to someone at church. The Bible says that we all have a responsibility to shoulder each other’s burdens. How can the church be that type of support for you and demonstrate care and concern unless you’re willing to share your struggles?

What about all that God stuff?

One of the things you’ll find in any 12 step program for beating addiction, is an acknowledgment of a higher power. When you believe in a higher power, namely God, you can find hope and peace in knowing that your life is not random. There is a purpose for your life. You are not here by accident. Maybe the choices you have taken have put you on a road that seems to lead nowhere, but you can make a U-turn. God can give you a new direction in life and a new road to follow.

So how do I find a church?

If you live in the Phoenix AZ metro area, Addiction Overcome has already done some of the legwork for you. We have a growing list of churches in the area as well as their contact information. Are you ready to start going to church? Consider visiting one on Christmas, and then again in the New Year. You don't need to wait to get your life together before you go. You don't even need to wear anything special, learn fancy words like "thee and thou" or even own a Bible to go to church. All you have to do is show up.

Email us and let us help you find a church family to help you with whatever you're struggling with this holiday season. Still not sure if you are comfortable with the idea of attending church? Many churches now have their weekly messages of hope and inspiration available for download as a podcast you can listen to. All you have to do is ask, and we'll be glad to send you a link to a church in your area that does this. Maybe after a few weeks of listening on your own, you'll feel confident enough to attend church in person.

It's up to you. The rest is up to God.

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criean said...

It depends on the CHURCH! Our church is not like that so, when i have problems regarding my addiction in alcohol, i would never hesitate to go to our church and ask our pastor for counseling........


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