Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just last week I was contacted by an old high school acquaintance of an acquaintance who is terrified as her husband's older brother who has been acting all erratic and angry then sad and weepy for 2 years is on meth. They sent him off to a 30-day program and he returned not cured, but furious that they interfered in his LIFE... as if he has one. They cleaned his home while he was away, and it was just filthy, and of course found drug paraphernalia everywhere... and she just needed advice. So I listened and offered what I could. We are having a running dialogue wherein I educate her about addicts and in particular, meth addicts and the fact that while on it, they are insane, and capable of everything up to and including murder... (remember the man in Chandler who decapitated his own 14-year-old son while driving the family van and threw the child's head out the window, all in front of the 9-year-old son in the back seat? He is on death row now in Florence, but was high as a kite on meth and the drug was telling him that the son was the devil and to get rid of him NOW, so he did). It is an evil, evil drug. And this poor gal is right to be afraid. 30 days is NOT enough. I recommended she get him over to Teen Challenge which is a 13-month program totally free... donation-run. And it is Christian based, humbling, building a servant-heart in these self-centered, angry men. If they stay, they walk out whole. Their success rate tops everyone else. It is like 97%. IF they stay. And they have retreats and reunions and love to return and help the new guys. It's a fine program, truly. They can do for this man what she and her husband cannot. What I cannot... I can, however, point people in the right direction. And this, for them, is about all there is left for one who has already failed treatment and immediately returned to his true love: the meth. But many of his connections have changed their phone numbers as they are wont to do frequently as they are so paranoid... and if you are gone for any length of time, they no longer trust YOU.. so he may have a hard time for a WHILE scoring what he needs so badly. No wonder he is angry with them. His world is all upside down now. It is heart-breaking. JAH


David Edward Linus said...

i am sad to say that is one situation that scares me. would you pray with me for Debi (55) who is a friend, that she would be safe from her 3 brothers, all of whom have this ( meth) addiction? Thank you. I will pray for the family of the man in the post, today.
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